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Creative Sprint

This is a 5-day process adapted from Google Ventures Sprint to help you validate new ideas. Together with your team we come up with concepts, build a prototype and test it with real users. This enables large enterprises to navigate around internal bureaucracy and test a product idea with minimal cost in a short period of time.

Day 1 Understand

Develop a common understanding of the client and customer profiles, their problems and objective, resources, value proposition and KPI.

Key risks and obstacles are are also identified with a perspective of handling them throughout the workshop.

Day 2 Diverge

Brainstorm potential solutions to clients and/or customer’s problems.

This involves generating as many ideas as possible without discussing how feasible they are or criticising them.

Expand on each other’s ideas.

Day 3 Converge

Funnel solution ideas generated on previous day, eliminating unfeasible and irrelevant, and selecting the one/s we feel most strong about.

This will guide the implementation of a prototype in phase 4 that will be tested with existing or potential customers.

Day 4 Prototype

Build a prototype that can be trialed with existing or potential users to test the assumptions we worked out in previous step.

Means of interactive prototype development will be determined by time constraints and goals.


Test the prototype with existing & potential users to see whether the new solution is in line with current users and is easy to understand for the new users, as well as addresses their problem/s.

Helping enterprises innovate

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An iPad app for children that brings back the joy and excitement of reading, allowing them to become a main hero and contribute to the stories as an author, illustrator and even record sound effects.

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The Admonitions Scroll, a series of court scenes painted on silk, is one of the earliest examples of Chinese narrative painting: scholars estimate the artefact dates from the 5th-7th century.

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