When it comes to our sales process, we want our pitch to be as clear and as impressive as possible. PDF or PowerPoint formats just cannot present a digital project fully and showcase the innovative user experience we normally include. For the last year, every proposal we send is sent via Pitchmaker.


Most agencies use PDF or PowerPoint to share their ideas in a proposal and explain what their suggestions are. The key idea behind PDFs is to make it printable in any format, and ultimately put the proposal on paper – a two thousand year old media. When it comes to innovative digital projects, paper just doesn’t stand up to the job – it cannot be used to demonstrate interactive features or ideas that go with a digital project. Frustrated with the state of things, we designed Pitchmaker to enable us to present our digital ideas online – in a digital format.


When it comes to digital web-based proposals, there’s a lot more power to include interactive features (think videos or drag-and-drop cost estimates), demonstrate the proposed solution with a dynamic prototype, make it available on any screen or device and so on. This leads to a much more engaging and impressive proposals, but also requires a completely new thinking about the document structure, editing capabilities, and the level of customisation to provide to users. Can we still think in terms of pages or slides? Or are we talking web sections? How does the document change on mobile? How do we balance between customisation, design and ease of use?


We decided to take a whole new approach to the way Pitchmaker proposals are created. On the one hand, we’ve built a custom editor, that allows any sales person to quickly and effortlessly create an impressive and beautiful proposal from any of the built-in templates. On the other hand, we’ve opened up the ability to change the code of every template – down to every little bit and bob – so the internal design / development teams can excel at what they do. The result is an easy to use yet fully customisable solution that suits any team size from one man bands to massive digital agencies.


Over 300 agencies worldwide use Pitchmaker to create impressive proposals and increase their conversion rates. Not only the proposals look better, but also being web-based every view and click on a proposal can be tracked and reported back to the sales person.

“We are loving Pitchmaker over here!”

by Tom Kelly, Managing Director, Omobono Inc

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