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Hackathon 2.1: Mental health

From an alarm clock that doesn’t tell the time to an app that elevates your spirit with small things in life, these are just a few examples of products that came out of the LETO Hackathon 2.1.

For the first time in our series of hackathons we decided to have a common theme that every team should be bound to. Mental health is becoming an increasing concern, not only in tech but also in every other field. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistically one in four people are suffering from some sort of mental health issue. Burnout is actually a form of psychological stress and vital exhaustion and it’s now recognized by the WHO as a mental health disorder.

We as a team, working on the tech industry, have also felt the impact of mental illness in the form of burnout. Usually it manifests itself as as fatigue and lack of energy, demoralisation, and increased irritability. It affects not only our work but also our private life, our loved ones and friends. If ignored and unattended it will require medical assistance.
With all this in mind we decided to use Mental health as a theme for our hackathon.

Full disclaimer, we are not health professionals nor have any particular expertise in this field. What we have is our own experience dealing with such issues and ways to try to prevent it (or at least mitigate some of the impact), our knowledge of the tech and our expertise in building new products.

With the theme in mind we set 2 days (our typical hackathon) for idea and prototype generation.


In the beginning of the first day we started pitching some ideas and formed 4 teams. Each team chose an idea to work on and after initiated a brainstorm. After a few hours we could see some ideas taking shape already.

settings the scene of the hackathon rapid prototyping at the hackathon hardware hacking


Second day is usually the most intensive, where everything teams thought of and designed on the previous day has to be put together and prepared for the demo. Walking around the office, you could find people sketching, arguing over some details, putting together electronic components and even cutting some wood boards. The day flew by in a moment. By 4 pm it was the time to show off the fruits of the hackathon.

The presentations


Random act of kindness

An app that helps you feel good by doing good. More specifically, by generating a list of 2-3 random acts (compliment a stranger, give spare cash to a homeless, etc.) a day for you to complete. This is one of the core techniques from Positive Psychology that’s proven to have a positive impact on people’s health (in this case at least 3 people get involved in 1 act of kindness).

Good Alarm Clock

Everything you need for a nice start of the day – from favourite Spotify tunes to ambient white light. And nothing else. Simple, clean, in a shape of a book.

good alarm clock at the hackathon


An iOS app to help you remember the small moments of joy in your life. Every time you have a small moment of happiness (like going for dinner with friends), make a private note in Elevate. These small happy moments are so easy to forget when life gets you down and can help remind you of the good times without the adding social pressure of likes.

elevate app - winner of the hackathon

The smile App

An App that makes you smile more by accumulating your favourite images (quotes, gifs, memes, etc) when you are feeling down.

the smile app for that positive vibe


The winner

After all the votes were counted Elevate was declared the winner of this LETO hackathon. To our surprise the internet quickly picked it up and the app has received 250+ upvotes on Product Hunt, been featured in the UK’s Memo and French Numerama without us even knowing – how amazing!





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