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Here is a collection of posts on our lessons learned on developing internal products and playing with technology.
We want to see what's possible and learn what works.
Don't see any reason why we should keep all of this to ourselves.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

- Edison

The Good Alarm Clock

Fork me on Github Mornings are important. The way we spend them pretty much defines how we feel for the rest

Design, Hackathon, LETO

Elevate – celebrating the wins that make life worthwhile

Elevate Celebrate the small wins! Problem: Remembering the small everyday wins that make life great Landing Page | Product Hunt  

LETO, Technology

Amazon Echo Dot and the LETO Alexa Skill

Since we got the Amazon Echo Dot in the office we wanted to build an Alexa Skill for it. Alexa

Concept, Technology

Billboard Adverts, The Game

At the LETO hackathon we decided to transform billboards into something that people would actually be incentivised to look at.

Concept, Hackathon

VR Monkey, is it time for web 3.0?

Phew… We’ve just had our second LETO hackathon. Last time we were trying to sharpen our ideation and business skills.


Early concepts: Concierge App

Digital Concierge Premium concierge service. This prototype was initially designed and presented to Taj Hotel London. When it comes to personal


Early concepts: Theatre Interactive

T-Interact Real-time interaction and communication. This prototype was initially designed and presented to The National Theatre. T-Interact is a digital tool

Free to a good home, Hackathon


The handpowered Instagram cinema