CES 2017

There are a lot of blog posts these days with the best products from CES. We thought that some interesting products were left out and decided to reveal our list of some of them. For 50 years, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world. This year was no different.

Before going through the list, we should take note that a particular AI was mentioned in several product launches. Although it’s been around for more than a year is now making its way into several products. This is the reason why we consider Alexa the unofficial clear winner of CES 2017. Alexa, Amazon AI, was added to robots, refrigerators and even cars. Its definitely a good bet from Amazon with its open approach. Even if Google Home is better the fact that so many devices are being released with Alexa embedded might tilt the scale in Amazon favour. For this reason we decided to dedicate an entire section to products powered by Alexa.

Powered by Alexa


Hub Robot: Creating a Smarter Home

Hub Robot

LG’s eye-catching Hub Robot takes the concept of the smart home to the next level. By connecting to other smart appliances in the home.The Hub Robot is equipped with an interactive display that can showcase a wide variety of information such as images of contents inside of the refrigerator and recipes, complete with step-by-step audio instructions. Additionally, the Hub Robot offers everyday consumer conveniences such as the ability to play music, set alarms, create reminder memos and provide weather and traffic updates.



It is a home robot that brings a totally new spark of life & personality to your home. Kuri cruises around your home effortlessly avoiding obstacles. Kuri’s eyes can capture photos and video. He can even recognise faces and monitor your home when you’re not there. It will be able to also control smart devices around your home. Although there aren’t many details about it, it’s available for pre-order for $699.00.

LG Smart Insta View Refrigerator

Not one of the most exciting products on the list, but LG Smart Insta View still brings some interesting innovations to your kitchen. I has a touchscreen and it’s powered by WebOS. It has an inside camera so that you can check what you have in your refrigerator when you are at the store.

Lynx robot




Lynx robot is a “in-home companion”, with a robot’s multitude of features, such as facial recognition and personalised greetings, playing music, livestream feeds of your home while you are away, event reminders and calendar notifications.

Volkswagen in car voice recognition

In collaboration with Amazon  Volkswagen announced the introduction of Alexa in the car. And beyond the addition of voice recognition in your car its also using it to integrate your car into your home.

Ford Sync 3 with Alexa

Ford was another auto manufacturer that announced the integration of Alexa on its new Ford models.

C by GE table lamp

C by GE table lamp is a voice controlled light source with microphones and a speaker is the first announced use of AVS embedded within a lighting product, bringing the skills you’d find in a traditional Amazon Echo product without the need for a stand-alone Echo unit, hub or even a smart phone.

Martian MVoice watch


Martian is known for its hybrid smart watches, combining the design and mechanics of an  analog watch with smart notifications and fitness tracking. Now they went a step further and added Alexa to their list of features.


The IoT

The Internet of Things was one of the subjects that was present on many of the launched products on CES 2017. It gives us the feeling that the future will bring us a truly connected world and environment.


OLLY is defined as a robot with personality. Each Olly is unique, because the user is unique. Olly’s personality evolves depending on the user interaction patterns, so its daily conversations will always be special and enjoyable.



Aura uses wireless signals that are invisible to the human eye to monitor motion, and will send a notification to your smartphone when there is unexpected movement. A simple two-piece system that monitors your entire home without cluttering doors or windows. It is focused in protecting your home while also protecting your privacy.

Nvidia Smart home Shield


This is Nvidia way of entering into the smart home sector. It combines a media server system with google voice recognition. Its OS allows it to connect to several smart appliances.

The Smartcane


The connected Smartcane understands its user’s habits and deduces which situations are not usual. The cane directly connects itself to the GSM network and caregivers automatically receive a phone call, a text message or an email.

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed

Smart bed 360

Designed to keep you and your partner effortlessly comfortable, the Sleep Number 360 smart bed senses your movements then automatically adjusts firmness, comfort and support.

Hi-Mirror Plus

Hi Mirror Plus

The $249 Hi-Mirror Plus unit is pitched as “smart mirror, smarter beauty,” that helps assess skin conditions, and make makeup suggestions accordingly. A built-in camera and tracking system records your progress. The new edition has LED lights to simulate different lighting conditions.

Cool Gadgets


AirBar is the world’s first plug-and-touch solution for MacBook Air 13.3”. It´s a brand new way to interact with your Mac.

Kado ultra-slim chargers


The credit-card sized unit fits into your wallet and when pulled out, has two prongs and a smartphone cable to plug into for a quick charge. Phones are getting slimmer, but chargers remain the same. “It’s time we have chargers that fit our mobile lifestyle,” says Kado CMO. Kado, which claims the phone charger would be the world’s thinnest, is looking at a mid-2017 release.



There is definitely a trend that we can spot from most of the products released at CES, and that is voice interaction. It seems to be present in every industry and with the advances in artificial intelligence and voice recognition systems we are going to see it more and more throughout 2017. When it felt that Google was winning the “Intelligent Home” race, CES shows us that Alexa with its openness and flexibility might actually be the preferable choice for most users.

During 2017 we should also see an increase in the IoT area, with more and more connected appliances, making our home a bit more “intelligent”. And hopefully the “House of the future” becoming mainstream will get a bit closer.

The Car industry is also making a comeback to innovation in 2017 , with voice interfaces, 3D dashboards and more electric cars.

All in all there were some interesting products and it now feels we are one step closer to live in a truly connected world.

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