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Building LETO Messenger Bot: lessons learned

Chat bots aren’t a new concept. They’ve been around for decades in a slightly different form. But in the past few


CES 2017

There are a lot of blog posts these days with the best products from CES. We thought that some interesting

LETO, Technology

Self Driving Cars. Has the future arrived?

The idea of a self driving car has been in the minds of every Sci-Fi fan for years. We all

LETO, Technology

Blockchain: what is it and why should I care?

The way we communicate and use our devices has changed in the last couple of years. More than ever information

LETO, Technology

Echo and Alexa … Giving your home a voice.

Home automation has been around for years and with the exception of a few interesting products like the Nest the

LETO, Technology

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Are we there yet?

The first time I tried a Virtual Reality headset was in the year 2000 and the excitement that preceded the