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Hackathon, LETO

Hackathon 2.1: Mental health

From an alarm clock that doesn’t tell the time to an app that elevates your spirit with small things in

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Building LETO Messenger Bot: lessons learned

Chat bots aren’t a new concept. They’ve been around for decades in a slightly different form. But in the past few


CES 2017

There are a lot of blog posts these days with the best products from CES. We thought that some interesting

Design, Meetup

Takeaways from the Design Sprint Meetup v3

Culture as part of the design sprint process, and the concept of ‘pretotyping’ were the focus of the talks at the

LETO, Technology

Self Driving Cars. Has the future arrived?

The idea of a self driving car has been in the minds of every Sci-Fi fan for years. We all

LETO, Technology

Blockchain: what is it and why should I care?

The way we communicate and use our devices has changed in the last couple of years. More than ever information

LETO, Technology

Echo and Alexa … Giving your home a voice.

Home automation has been around for years and with the exception of a few interesting products like the Nest the